Credit Tools

Van Millwork is pleased to offer our customers several options for doing business with us: (1) with a terms account, (2) with a cash account, and (3) with an ACH account.  Click the links below to download the application for each type of account. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 508-966-4141. We look forward to calling you a valued customer!

Choose this form if you would like a CREDIT ACCOUNT with terms. Our standard terms are 2{83430dd58e995d77dfe699ad7ec0bb4dd9581340ed7b2a792762a18510570198}, 10th, net 30. You will receive a copy of each invoice (delivery) and a statement at the end of the month. By default we will send these as PDFs via email, but do let us know if you prefer a paper copy. Note that we do pull a credit report before issuing credit.

Choose this form if you would like a CASH ACCOUNT. Cash accounts are prepaid accounts, this means payment must be received at the time of ordering. We also ask that you keep a credit card on file with us for add-on orders or to reconcile overages or underages on material lengths.

Choose this form if you would like an ACH ACCOUNT that allows us to automatically obtain payment from your bank account. ACH payments are made at the time of delivery and also enjoy our standard terms of 2{83430dd58e995d77dfe699ad7ec0bb4dd9581340ed7b2a792762a18510570198}, 10th, net 30.