How to Choose Interior Trim

Interior trim is something most home buyers don’t give much thought to until asked by their builder. Interior trim certainly does not get the attention that kitchens and baths do in the home planning process. But, interior trim is one of the most visible and important aesthetic elements of your home. Without it, a room would only be four walls. Casings, crown moulding, baseboards, chair rails and wainscoting all add architectural details that absolutely define a room and bring it character and elegance.

We offer the following guidelines to assist you in your trim selection and ordering process:

  • Interior trim defined– there are many types of mouldings that have historically been used in homes with different names. Click to learn about the most common types of mouldings and their usage.
  • Interior trim materials – increasingly, mouldings are being produced from different engineered materials that increase availability, affordability and sustainability. Find the best material for your project here
  • Molding or Moulding – how do you spell it anyway?
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